Getting into design: Interview with Aanand

A big thank you to Aanand for his participation in this Q&A and for sharing his beautiful work! All featured images were designed by Aanand.
An image of Aanand holding a cocktail.

An introduction…

Hi! My name is Aanand, I am a Graphic Communication & Typography graduate from The University of Reading, with a semester abroad at DHBW in Ravesburg, Germany. When I’m not designing you can often find me in a bar or beer garden with friends, or, busy finding my next favourite independent coffee shop. I am currently a junior designer at Joshua Design Group — a branding and communications agency in Berkshire. Alongside this, I have my own freelancing business where I work with a variety of different clients creating design cross all things print & digital. 

What advice would you give to someone who would like to get into your field? 

My biggest piece of advice I would give to someone wanting to get into design is, throw yourself in the deep and get your hands dirty!! Seize every single opportunity thrown at you. Also, google is your best friend — there are so many tutorials online that are so easy to follow to teach yourself design. The more you’re able to up-skill yourself, the better opportuntites and chances you will have. The design industry is such a competitive one, so you need to make sure you stand out. 

Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

I would like to have progressed up the career ladder to a senior level, and for name to be well versed within the Design Community. In the next ten years I’d also love to have won a D&AD pencil — a dream of mine since starting university 3 years ago. And finally, I would like to see that my freelancing business has grown considerably, and that I’m connecting and working with much bigger brands.

What would you say is the biggest challenge you faced in your education or career, and how did you overcome it? 

Personally, the biggest obstacle I’ve faced is finding and securing a graduate role in the middle of a pandemic and recession. I was so lucky enough to have obtained a junior designer role within 3months of graduating. I only achieved this from constant perseverance and connecting with the right people. If I was rejected by companies, I would chase them up and ask them why I didn’t get the role, what I could have done better and most importantly, if they knew of anyone else hiring. I was then able to use rejection of a job to my advantage. Also, if you’re not on LinkedIn, get on it now, like right now. Networking was such a beneficial way for me to job hunt, plus, you could connect with hiring managers, and who knows, they might have your dream job in 5 years time! 

How do you like to unwind?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bake & cook. Cooking and baking is such therapeutic thing for me and, being a foodie I love to try new things. I also find it’s a great way to re-connect with friends and family over a good meal, or a slice of cake — (well I guess more like the whole cake)!! My current favourite thing to bake at the moment is  my oh so gooey brownies, and in the first lockdown, like everyone else it was banana bread!

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